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"We have been apart of the Perfectly P.R.E.T.T.Y ice4life Village now for 6years. The program that has been established to mentor young ladies has also been a growth and learning experience for the parents. Every trip has been educational, each guest speaker inspirational. My personal favorite is how they are teaching the importance of community volunteer work and how fun and fulfilling it can be, as it will remain an experience these young ladies will remember throughout their lives."

- Arisse Ramsey & Terraca Ramsey

"This is my first year participating in Perfectly Pretty and this has been quite a learning experience for me. I have learned independent living skills by participating in the Virtual Reality Store, Career Fair and Exercising your Right to Vote."


- Adria Powell

"In my first year of being a pretty girl, I became Miss Perfectly Pretty 2018-19.  At first I didn’t know what it was but then I so excited to have this title. Last year in 2019, I gave my final speech as Miss Perfectly Pretty before I got to crown the next queen. I talked about how perfectly pretty and Ice4life foundation helped me become the girl I am today with leadership skills, loyalty, and me being me.  I will always forever be grateful for this organization."


-Ciara Mitchell

"The program taught me how to manage my money in real life situations and showed me what my mother and father goes through behind closed doors. Perfectly Pretty made me open my mind and heart in different way like helping out people in need by feeding the hungry and even picking up trash around my neighborhood, I’m very proud to say that I’m glad I’m in a program like Perfectly Pretty."

"I am new to the Pretty Girl group but so far I love it. I enjoy the painting workshop, the reality store workshop and. Ole ting coats and shoes for the less fortunate. I’m excited to be with my sisters."


-Khalani, Khamesha, Khadijah (sisters)


Perfectly pretty mentoring is Awesome!!!! Though I've only be there few months. As a newbie I appreciate and have the willingness to share and learn news skills. Even through COVID I was able to meet different leaders and representatives from the surrounding Cities of VA; they would share their knowledge, and expertise in their career fields via zoom. They kept us engaged all the time; learning new ways of life every week. As they explained and demonstrate positively on how I can apply career knowledge, and Assignments to my daily life. Perfectly Pretty Mentoring program shows me how I can apply positivity to my attitude, expand my social life, give back to the communities. Apply wisdom and new skills to everything that I do either in school or personally. I am blessed to have sister's, and adults Mentors that make a great impact in my life.

-Faith S

My experience at Perfectly Pretty has been great. Being in Perfectly Pretty has really taught me a lot of life skills like how to manage my money and how to accommodate for the future. Also, they have taught me about entrepreneurship and how to start my own business. Because of all that I have learned, when I'm older, I want to start my own law firm practice and have other side businesses to build generational wealth for my future family. Perfectly Pretty has also introduced me to dance and the different styles of dance; something that I enjoy. I plan to use all of these life skills learnt in one form or another when I’m older so that I can live a happy, successful life. I'm a so appreciative of Ms. Stephanie and the other mentors for such a well rounded program.

- Mykala Okeke

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